Apleona HSG s.à r.l., Luxembourg

The name Apleona has been synonymous with facility management. This reputation stretches around the globe. We are the market leader in German-speaking countries, and operate in some 30 countries in Europe alone. One of them is the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

Our employees speak Luxembourgish, German, French and English (to name but a few). And we are not only proficient in your language, but also in our profession. We are even familiar with the tricky challenges presented by facility and event management.

After all, even while acting locally, we can draw on a global infrastructure with 20,000 employees. Whether it is a question of legal issues, technical resources or special know-how, at Apleona Luxembourg we capitalize on the potential offered by a company that manages some 7,000 properties worldwide and organizes an even greater number of events.

You can thus tap the potential of your buildings and properties, or experience an unforgettable event while saving on costs – irrespective of your industry. As a licensed service provider (e.g. PSF license), we provide services to banks, industrial companies, state and European institutions and the retail sector.

And the number of companies is increasing all the time. After all, word of mouth is the best form of advertising there is. Quality speaks for itself.

Our services

Facility Management Consultancy

  • Determining the specific requirements of your buildings and infrastructure
  • An analysis of your facility management organization (assessment of the commercial and technical situation within 1 to 2 weeks)
  • Development of optimal solutions
  • Planning of defined solutions
  • Implementation of defined solutions (usually completed within 3 months)

A new start and change

  • Implementing facility management services:
    • Project management
    • Support with acceptance procedures, commissioning and
    • acquisition of technical systems
    • Checking documentation
  • Adapting the technical building equipment:
    • Stocktaking and condition assessment (target / performance analysis)
    • Budgeting for repairs
    • Repairs
  • Control and quality management:
    • Introduction of maintenance, planning and control systems
    • Introduction of quality management and performance measurement systems
    • Comprehensive operator obligation checks in accordance with GEFMA190

Technical Facility Management

  • Object management
  • Operational management
  • Maintenance (inspection, servicing, repairs)
  • Warranty tracking
  • Breakdown and emergency services
  • Energy management
  • Building energy certificates
  • Technical acceptance
  • Commissioning and
  • decommissioning
  • Documentation
  • Conversion/renovation
  • Disposal
  • Fire protection

Infrastructural Facility Management

  • Caretaker services
  • Maintenance / glass cleaning
  • Façades / outdoor facilities
  • Security and reception services
  • Postal and courier services
  • Copying and printing services
  • Winter and green area services
  • Phone services
  • Relocation services
  • Event management
  • Catering
  • We will gladly provide additional services on request

Event Services

  • Event management
  • Rewntal furniture
  • Event logistics
  • Exhibition logistics
  • Special designs
  • Location management
  • Event catering
  • Business catering


Detailed description of our services, please refer to the following data sheets below:

Facility Management Consultancy

The heating is working. You have a reliable cleaning company. There are no serious complaints. However, you are well aware that there is still potential for improvement – but where do you start?

How do you turn property management into a facility management that meets the highest requirements while also saving money? We work with you to find the answer and develop an operating concept that is tailored to your organization and requirements.

Our Services

Determining the demand

How top-notch are your properties? Do the buildings and infrastructure reflect your core business and your company orientation? Do your employees and visitors feel comfortable in your buildings? These are important questions for a needs assessment – both qualitatively and quantitatively. On this basis, it is then possible to determine exactly what needs to be achieved.

Analysing your facility organisation

Analyzing means dissecting. We investigate what parts make up the big picture. And how these parts complement one other – or not. After all, there are blind spots in every organization. We therefore find out how services (both your own and purchased), processes, employees, partner companies and systems are coordinated – and what can be harmonized.

Developing optimal solutions

When is a solution optimal? When it functions as a whole, i.e. by including all processes and employees consistently and seamlessly. Success is measured, and solutions are found based on resilient performance agreements and indicators. On the basis of these standards, you can see how an optimal desired situation can be achieved from the current state.

Planning defined solutions

Change is our daily business – and change management our core competence. As an international company, we are experienced in the systematic planning of complex projects in a wide range of sectors. Whether individual properties, industrial locations or even branch networks, we create a master plan that is the basis for successful change.

Realising defined solutions

Paper is patient. We, on the other hand, are not. In the change process, we set clear milestones. From the piloting phase through to the roll-out, we pursue structured, on-schedule change management, focusing on the structures, processes and procedures of your organization. This means that the implementation takes place in a manner best suited to your daily workflows.

How we proceed


Using proven methods and procedures, we analyze the facility-relevant aspects and processes in your organization. This enables us to identify potentials. And quickly, too – you receive the results of our fast-check after just one or two weeks.


It’s not only craftsmen that possess good tools. We, too, use professional instruments to determine the current situation. And, of course, you decide in how much detail and depth we analyze your business and technical status as regards facility management.


There is always room for improvement. We explore this and show you the associated opportunities and risks. And we develop a schedule to take account of your operating processes. The project is generally completed within three months, to the satisfaction of everyone.


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"A company is only as good as its employees."

It is an often-used saying - for a reason because every successful management needs a strong and well-coordinated team in the background.

What we offer

Facility Management Consultancy

Buildings are home to workplaces. They should therefore be maintained in a professional condition. How, though, do you turn property management into a facility management that meets the highest standards while also saving money? We work with you to find the answer and develop an operating concept that is tailored to your organization and requirements.

A new start and change

The goal is clear. But what path do you take? Metaphorically speaking: What footwear do you need? And which is the shortest and most convenient path?
The footwear is your technical building equipment. The more up-to-date it is, the easier your path will be. And our implementation managers know the shortest and most convenient path.

Technical Facility Management

The buildings of companies and organizations have high technical requirements. There is therefore a gap between ‘it more or less works’ and ‘it works effectively and efficiently’.
Apleona bridges this gap. Our technicians and engineers ensure efficient technical processes in your daily work. The result is lower costs for the operation and maintenance of your properties

Infrastructural Facility Management

It’s often the ‘little things’ that cost money and fray nerves – from icy access paths and defective sanitary facilities to annoying errands. These things are in good hands with Apleona. We not only take care of what goes on in the building for you, but also organize relocations, events and much, much more.

Event Services

Whether 25 or 1,000 guests, canapés or full service – our employees take care of everything from the planning to the dismantling. We offer you a personal point of contact with a well-knit team that is at your disposal at any time.
We are at home in Luxembourg and we are able to draw on a large pool of resources at any time, like our own furniture and materials warehouse to ensure that we are ready for any eventuality.